Advanced Wound Care Materials for Non-Healing Wounds

HEALiX brings together clinical and industrial wound care experts and leading academic researchers to address the medical and societal problem of non-healing wounds.
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Embedded Wearable Sensors

Work package 3

Possibilities to both further improve the properties wound dressings is of large interest. The microenvironment in non-healing wounds is characterized by infection and biofilm formation, reduced angiogenesis, decrease in growth factors, and a self-sustaining proinflammatory response. Rapid and cost-effective technologies for assessing and predicting wound healing status can enable a more efficient and appropriate treatment, reducing healing time and overuse of antibiotics. Embedded sensors can provide direct feedback on the effect of the treatment and enable informed decisions on continued wound treatment, including need for antibiotics or antimicrobial dressings. With the objective to enable more quantitative and non-invasive wound diagnostics, studies in work package 3 aim to develop means to introduce sensor functionalities in dressings developed in work package 2.


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